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Configuring a Cisco 700
Series Router
The 700 series router was purchased by Cisco from Combinet in 1997. The purchase gave
Cisco an ISDN product uniquely suited to the telecommuter and SOHO market. The 700
series provides single Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connectivity and an Ethernet interface for
a LAN connection. The 700 series router is compatible with the full Cisco router product
line; however, it does not use the same command line structure for configuration.
The command line of the 700 series router uses set as the main verb for most of the
commands. This has been likened to the switch product line by some; however, there is no
similarity except the use of the set verb.
For those who are familiar with the IOS command set, the 700 series command language
can be less than intuitive. It is important, however, for the successful CCNP candidate to
become familiar with the basic concepts of the 700 configuration and the target market. The
target market for this product is the telecommuter, the small office, and the home office
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