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Figure 12-4. Preparing menus was no longer a priority when the ship began to sink
Chapter 4: High Availability
Helping you achieve high availability is one of the key goals of this topic. The key principle of Chapter 4 is that
unmanaged change is the main risk to the availability of a system. While emphasis has to be put on building a
technically highly available platform, technical faults are not the primary cause of failure. SharePoint fails because
people fail to take into account the potential risks of the changes they are making. This is sometimes driven by a
requirement being classed as urgent by someone high in the organizational hierarchy who then insists the change
be made without considering the consequences. They “pull rank,” in other words. That is why change management
processes have to be in place.
Availability targets based on a simple percentage of uptime per year do provide a simple empirical goal to aim
for in a calendar year, but they rarely include planned maintenance and they also do not measure the impact of the
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