Networking Reference
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such building. The construction and deployment of physical mashups is a feature of
WoT with the appealing potential to provide value-added services to the end user,
and influence the creation of new business models and applications.
3.2 The SmartSensor Architecture
The SmartSensor architecture encompasses three main software modules (Fig. 3.1 ):
(i) Sensor Integration Module (SIM), responsible for the integration of sensor devices
from different software and hardware technologies, (ii) Programming and Execution
Module (PEM), responsible for providing additional functionality on top of SIM,
in particular the ability to compose value-added services from the information pro-
vided by Web-enabled devices and to search for available services, and (iii) We b
3.0 Integration Module (WIM), responsible for integrating devices with Web 3.0
applications and platforms [ 31 ]. In this topic we will first briefly describe these three
components and then we will further detail SIM and PEM.
Fig. 3.1 SmartSensor
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