Networking Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig. 4.4 Logical components of sensor nodes
For REST-based Web services, the discovery and navigation through available
resources are performed by usingURIs. SmartSensor infrastructure provides a REST-
based discovery service available through a URI exposed by the Programming and
Execution Module (PEM). Access Control
This component includes classes with basic functions (authentication and authoriza-
tion) for managing the access constraints to the services provided by a given WSN
(accessed through a gateway node). Policies are enforced over resource publication
and sensing task allocation according to criteria set by network administrators. Data Manager
This component is responsible for storing data in a local database maintained by the
gateway. The classes of this component manage the reading and writing operations of
the tables responsible for storing sensing data as well as all the information (metadata)
about sensing capabilities offered by each network node in the WSN connected to
the respective gateway.
4.2.2 Sensor Node Components
Figure 4.4 shows the SIMmain software components that should be deployed in the
sensor nodes. The components are described as follows.
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