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5.4.1 Integration Mechanism: Example of Integrating PEM
with Presto
The tools for creatingWeb mashup applications provide several options for recording
data sources such as WS* Web Services, databases, Rest-based Web Services, RSS,
etc.. SmartSensor users that wish to integrate the PEM module with some existing
EMML graphical tool must select the option to record data sources as REST-based
Web Service and log each REST URL provided by PEM that he/she wants to utilize.
Figure 5.5 illustrates the option to register a new “REST Web Service” in the
initial screen of Presto. In this tool, once selected the option “REST Web Service”, a
new screen appears requesting the data from the service to be registered. This screen
must be completed once for each PEM Web service to be registered for use in the
mashup building.
Figure 5.6 shows an example of a registry of the getServicesSIM service provided
by PEM. This service lists information of all WSNs registered at SmartSensor.
The information returned by the getServicesSIM service can be observed in the
XML document shown in Fig. 5.7 .
5.4.2 Creating a Web Mashup Application
Once the desired REST services are registered in Presto, we can use them as data
sources to create Web Mashup applications. In Presto, registered services can be
combined to buildWebMashups using the “Wires” tool, which is part of the platform
and allow users to graphically “wire” services together to formMashup applications.
The “Wires” tool has a set of objects that allows the dynamic creation of EMML
Fig. 5.5 Creating a new “REST web service” in PRESTO
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