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Fig. 6.1 Schematic draw of
an inductive loop
effectively detect vehicles. Many solutions use inductive loops (Fig. 6.1 ) to tackle
this issue [ 3 ]. However, inductive loops have high costs of both installation and
maintenance [ 4 ]. In this sense, an easy and cost effective solution option is to use a
WSN. Wireless sensors can be easily deployed in existing parking lots without the
need for excavation and expensive cable installations required by inductive loops.
Moreover, the flexibility to reconfigure sensors already installed, together with the
availability of low cost sensors capable of detecting vehicles, make WSN a natural
candidate to solve the emerging problems of monitoring and control of parking lots
in smart buildings.
Our illustrative application consists of a WSN based vehicle detection sub-system
connected to the SmartSensor infrastructure. WSN gathers information on the avail-
ability of each parking lot and the SmartSensor infrastructure processes the infor-
mation and provides a Web interface to guide the driver to the available parking
WSNs have great potential to provide an easy and cost effective solution for the
parking lot management application. Its usage along with a WoT solution allows
remote and real-time access to the information on the availability of lots besides
other useful information, thus increasing the efficiency and manageability of large
parking lots, while saving time for the user.
6.2.1 Application Requirements
The Proof of Concept (PoC) parking lot application was developed according to the
following requirements:
The system must provide a list with the location of all parking lots registered in
the SmartSensor infrastructure. Such a list must be published as a Web mashup
application in order to allow end users to easily locate the nearest parking related
to his/her current location.
The systemmust provide information about the number of available spaces in each
parking lot registered in the system.
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