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Database MySql 5.5
JDK version 1.5 or higher
Tomcat Server 6
Besides the aforementioned hardware components, the parking lot application
uses a server computer responsible for hosting the SmartSensor PEM. The minimum
configuration required for this computer to run the experiments is similar to the
laptop computers. However, in a real installation this computer needs to be configured
according to more specific systems requirements.
6.3 Application Development
The development of the application has three distinct phases. The first phase com-
prises the hardware configuration of the sensor nodes and the sink node. The second
phase comprises the programming of the SIM components required to collect and
interpret the signals collected by the WSN ultrasonic sensors. These components
are to be installed at sensor nodes and sink nodes. The third phase is the program-
ming and installation of the PEM mashup application built to monitor the parking
lots registered in the SmartSensor infrastructure. To mount the ultrasonic sensors on
the Arduino Uno boards, it is necessary to follow the following configuration steps
(Fig. 6.8 ):
To connect the sensor calibration pin to digital pin 13 of the Arduino board.
To connect the sensor analog output to the Arduino analog pin 0.
To connect the sensor voltage pin to the Arduino 5V voltage pin.
To connect the ground pin to the GND pin of the Arduino.
The configuration of the ultrasonic sensors of the experiment can be visualized in
Fig. 6.9 .
The first step to program the sensor nodes and configure the Gateway according to
the application requirements is to assess the type of the required data delivery model.
In general, the data delivery model of WSN applications can be of two kinds (or a
combination of both): synchronous or asynchronous. In the synchronous model, net-
work nodes must respond to an application request or should monitor some periodic
event. To deal with synchronous events based on Request-Response operations, the
SmartSensor provides developers with a REST Web service that is accessed through
Fig. 6.8 Ultrasonic sensor
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