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3. The Web 3.0 Integration Module (WIM) integrates the resources with Web 3.0
applications and platforms.
This topic also detailed the development of a parking lot application that consists
of a WSN-based vehicle detection system connected to the SmartSensor infrastruc-
ture. The three distinct phases involved in the development of such an application
were discussed: (i) the hardware configuration of the sensor nodes and the sink node;
(ii) the programming of the components to collect and interpret the signals collected
by the WSN ultrasonic sensors; (iii) the programming and installation of the PEM
mashup application to monitor the parking lots registered in the infrastructure. This
application was used in three parking lots located at the Federal University of Rio
de Janeiro (UFRJ).
7.2 Contributions
The main contributions of this work are:
to present an overview on the emergent WoT paradigm, describing its main con-
cepts, principles and building blocks;
to describe amiddleware-layer infrastructure that integrates distinctWSNendowed
with amyriad of heterogeneous elements (sensors, actuators, communication hard-
to provide a RESTful-based programming model that hides, from the developer,
the low-level details to integrate different types of WSN sensed data in a Mashup
application. Using this programming model, developers can create applications
without having specific knowledge about physical devices or networking environ-
to describe, step by step, how to create a Web Mashup application using the Smart-
Sensor infrastructure integrated with a widely used EMML graphical editor and
runtime environment, Presto. 5 It is worthwhile to mention that SmartSensor can
be used with any other tool based on EMML.
7.3 Future Work
Despite the rising popularity of IoT and the development of middleware solutions for
facilitating the development of mashup applications, some important aspects need to
be further addressed for making IoT a reality. The main functional components of an
IoT middleware, stated by [ 5 ], includes interoperation, context detection, device dis-
covery and management, security and privacy, and managing data volume. Although
SmartSensor can be considered as a middleware for IoT, in its current version, it only
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