Networking Reference
In-Depth Information
provides communication and integration services as well as a programming model
to develop applications on top of the WSN infrastructure.
Managing high data volume and supporting security and privacy are the two key
capabilities to be considered in next versions of SmartSensor. According to [ 6 ],
IoT generates a huge ammount of data, yielded by physical and virtual elements
connected to the Internet, and the data volume needs to be stored and easily reached.
The convergence of Cloud Computing with IoT has been pointed out as a promissing
approach [ 3 ] to address this issue by establish a cloud-based IoT environment, the
so-called cloud-of-things [ 4 ].
Another important issue that deserves a further investigation, highlighted by [ 7 ], is
the support for dynamic adaptation ofmashups according to the user requirements and
the runtime environment. This aspect needs a combination of context monitoring and
management, adaptive behavior modeling, and the realization of dynamic adaptation
of the mashup.
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