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It is important for the adoption to think through the preceding mentioned areas, it
is also required to measure improvements for example cost savings, efficiency for
communication, collaboration and the better interface to customers and business
partners. The following areas can help to demonstrate the value of the UC solution
in daily business:
• Development of a multimedia utility model that replaces the traditional
telephone billing. This is also a good way to trace and report the "minutes"
spent for all phone calls, video conferences, and so on that are made through
the UC solution. This can help in a migration process to demonstrate the
return on investment.
• Development of a call volume model or call charges over the existing PBX
system using the SIP carrier connection model.
• Staff training, where the added value of UC technology and its operation
is demonstrated.
• Development of a user model, which shows the additive load on the existing
data network.
• Integration of non-PC workstations such as fax machines, lobby telephones.
• Creation of an organizational chart that defines the IT organizational
structure after the rollout of the UC solution. (This often result in
the a re-organization of the departments or a merger of both IT and
telecommunications departments as they work more closely with each other.)
After observing the preceding points during the rollout and observation phase, we
are at the end of the integration of the new unified communication technology. This
does not mean that the project actually ends at this point. Real customer cases have
showed that extended testing, user acceptance project, measurement of business
value and potential financial benefits would still be required before the official end
of the project and can also be carried on for a certain amount of time. It is important
to consider how the project will be finalized and if other connected "part" projects or
activities are required for the further project success. In other words, did the project
meet the success criteria—the Key Performance Indicators 's (KPI)?
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